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Are you looking for the best glass food containers wholesale and supplier? Here is the right place! Wholesale or custom high quality borosilicate glass food containers are available in PIELOCK.

Our main products cover borosilicate glass food storage containers, glass bento boxes, glass lunch box, glass bottles, heat resistant glass bakeware, food glass jar and glass containers with bamboo lid.

PIELOCK is a glass food containers wholesale & supplier in China since 2009, we have experienced 1000 staffs and 16 engineers! Factory cover 500000² with 8 production lines and 46 production machines.

Glass Food Containers wholesale China – PIELOCK

Some of the benefits of PIELOCK as glass food containers manufacturer:

  1. We are a top 3 glass food container manufacturer in China.
  2. We have been making borosilicate glass food containers since 2009
  3. We offer OEM&ODM one-stop services of customization, design, and transportation to meet the various needs of clients.
  4. Our factory obtained the certifications of ISO9001, and ISO14001 and audited by BSCI, SEDEX.
  5. Glassware products passed European standard, FDA, LFGB, SGS, there is no limitation for your market
  6. We offer low minimum order quantities (MOQ) of 1000 pieces per design/colour in any size.
  7. Our experienced sales staffs offer prompt response and professional suggestions, to make business without difficulty.
  8. Our factory has efficient production management and on time delivery

Expert-Made glass food container manufacturer

Our factory obtained the certifications of ISO9001, and ISO14001 and audited by BSCI, SEDEX.

If you are distributors or retailer of glass food containers that want to wholesale or import food glass storage containers in bulk. PIELOCK is a glass container wholesale, your best choice!

  1. We have a wide variety of choices. Such as glass bento box, glass baking dish, glass bowl, glass jar and glass containers with bamboo lids etc, to meet the various needs of your customers.
  2. We have R&D team. According to market research and user needs, we will regularly develop new products every month that help you boost your sale
  3. We are glass food container factory based in China, the price is favorable and save the high profit for you.
  4. Strict quality control process so that you have no worries about the quality.
  5. Professional sales team, efficient and perfect after-sales service

If you are brand panty who want to custom borosilicate food storage containers, PIELOCK will make your brand add more value by an excellent order system.
When choose us as your brand glass food container wholesale, one stop service for all your band’s needs


We can make logo on the surface of glass storage container, lid and customized packaging with different sizes for choice. If you have different needs, please get in touch with us to get the corresponding quotation.

We develop the desired products for our customers by using our technology and equipment and following the requirements of our customers.

We have developed many kinds of products for the pressed borosilicate glass products in a wide range of shapes, such as microwave oven trays, microwave oven glassware, door glass for washing machines, and other pressed glass products, etc.

PIELOCK performs the feasibility evaluation for each drawing or product furnished by our customer. It then communicates the evaluation opinion with the customer in a bid to reach a consensus. The development schedule for the product, such as mold manufacturing, test product, etc. then decided.

PIELOCK confirms the drawings or products furnished by the customers, carries out the mold design and manufacture and develops the facility related to upgrading production equipment.

Our starts the pilot production and makes continuous improvements, and finally delivers the sample to the customer for confirmation. After all customer’s requirements are satisfied, the company starts mass production for the product as per the purchase order from the customer.

Let see what is the production process in borosilicate glass airtight container:

raw materials
raw materials

  1. All of the raw materials are imported from U.S.A and Turkey. Silica sand, borax and other raw materials are mixed proportionally and then we use an electronic scale to weigh in each raw material to ensure that the mixing ratio satisfies technical requirements.
  2. At the temperature as high as 1,600℃, the raw materials are melted together. The precise control on the liquid surface is used together with the automatic feeding system to ensure the process stability of the melting and clarification. A molten glass feeding system and multiple-station press machines are used to produce various products, such as round glass food storage containers, glass bowls, glass jars; rectangular glass food containers, glass jars, glass bowls, and glass baking dish; Square glass lunch box, glass meal prep containers. So far we have more than 400 different molds. Quotation and confirm the order
  3. Which are fire-polished to eliminate the un-smoothness caused by the parting line of a mould/dire. Products are annealed in an annealing lehr to eliminate their internal stress and ensure their physical properties
  4. All of the products(glass containers, glass baking dishes, glass bowls, glass jars, glass measuring cups )are inspected according to the quality standard of the company or customers’ requirements, such as SGS, Intertek, CCIC, PONY, UONE,SMQ , BV, CTI, TUV… And then packed the glassware, such as glass storage containers, glass food containers, glass jars, glass food containers with bamboo lids, glass baking dishes with lids, pyrex measuring cups, and glass lunch box, stored and shipped with the package complying with the specification by customer. Amazon top seller glass food storage set containers must use safe package.

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