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Why Wholesale Glass Lunch Box with Bag From Pielock

Need to import high-quality glass lunch box with bag in bulk at a low cost? Pielock is a top glass lunch box with Bag manufacturer in China With a sterling reputation as manufacturer and distributor of premium high borosilicate glass products for over 20 years, you can count on superior quality glass food containers that will exceed your expectations.

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One-stop Solutions From Custom Glass Lunch Box with Bag Manufacturers

At PIELOCK, we manufacture custom glass lunch box with bag that you can rely on to keep your food fresh.

Glass Lunch Box with Bag Sizes &Colors

Our glass mugs are available in sizes from 130ml to 3000ml. Whether larger or smaller custom size. Either ounces or milliliters can be marked. We specialize in clear glass mugs. we also offer light blue & amber glass mugs and other custom colors.

Glass Lunch Box with Bag Closure Styles

Our closures are produced to match the glass mugs you ordered. We offer PP lids and bamboo wood lids with all-round silicone sealing loop that creates an airtight and moistureproof environment to keep your food fresh.

Glass Lunch Box with Bag Finish Options

We offer Three methods to print on glass mugs, Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Digital Printing, Our decorating and labeling team is always on hand to help you find the perfect finish.

Glass Lunch Box with Bag Shapes

Our factory offers round, square to meet the different preferences of customers. You can also choose the design of the glass mugs 

PIELOCK Various Customized Options For Your Glass Lunch Box with Bag & Packing

Want to Know More About Glass Lunch Box with Bag?

Contact our experienced consultant team for any query.

Glass Lunch Box with Bag Benefits & Quality& Health

With their sleek design and high-quality glass construction, these lunch boxes add a touch of elegance to your lunchtime routine. Say goodbye to boring and flimsy plastic containers and embrace the sophistication of glass. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also keep your meals fresh and delicious throughout the day.

The glass material is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that your food remains safe and healthy. It's also non-porous, preventing unwanted flavors and odors from seeping into your meals. The secure lids provide an airtight seal, keeping your food fresh and preventing leaks or spills in your bag. Whether you're packing a salad, pasta, or a homemade meal, these lunch boxes will keep your food intact and ready to enjoy.

By choosing our Wholesale/Bulk Glass Lunch Boxes, you're also making a positive impact on the environment. Glass is a sustainable and reusable material that reduces plastic waste. You can feel good about your lunchtime choices, knowing that you're embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our Wholesale/Bulk Glass Lunch Boxes are designed with your convenience in mind. The spacious compartments allow you to pack a variety of foods, from main dishes to sides and snacks. The separate sections keep your food items organized and prevent them from mixing or getting squished.

These lunch boxes are microwave-safe, allowing you to conveniently heat up your meals without transferring them to another container. The clear glass design lets you see what's inside, so you can quickly identify your lunch options. The stackable feature enables compact storage in your pantry or fridge, saving valuable space.

Are you a meal prepper? These lunch boxes are your best companion. Prepare your meals in advance and store them in these durable containers. They are freezer-safe, so you can make large batches and conveniently freeze individual portions. This way, you'll always have a nutritious and delicious meal ready to go, no matter how busy your schedule gets.

Customize your lunch experience with the included lunch bags. The bags are specially designed to fit these glass lunch boxes perfectly, providing insulation to keep your meals at the desired temperature. The adjustable straps and handle make carrying your lunch effortless, whether you're heading to the office, school, or a picnic.

By ordering in bulk, you can take advantage of our competitive wholesale prices, saving your business money without compromising on quality. These lunch boxes are an investment in employee satisfaction, as they encourage healthy eating habits and enhance the overall lunchtime experience.

Our streamlined ordering process ensures that purchasing in bulk is a breeze. Simply select the quantity you need, and we'll handle the rest. With our prompt shipping and dedicated customer service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Convenient and Eco-Friendly Lunch Solutions
Keep Your Meals Fresh and Delicious

Embrace a Sustainable Lifestyle

Designed for Your Convenience
Meal Prep Made Easy
Customize Your Lunch Experience
Cost-Effective Solution for Businesses
Bulk Orders Made Simple
Elevate Your Corporate Gifting

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