Top 10 Wholesale Glass Cups Suppliers in the USA: The Ultimate Guide

Glass cups are an essential staple in restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, event venues, and homes across America. Their versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal have made them a go-to glassware for serving beverages from water to wine.

As the demand for glass cups continues to grow in the food service and hospitality industries, many business owners ask: where can I source reliable, wholesale glass cups and glassware to stock my establishment?

This guide will explore the USA’s top 10 wholesale glass cup suppliers. We’ll overview the market, discuss buyer considerations, highlight the capabilities of leading suppliers, and provide tips to help you find the right glassware partner for your needs.

The Booming Wholesale Glass Cups Market in the United States

According to IBISWorld data, the United States wholesale market for glass cups and foodservice glassware reached over $7 billion in 2022, serving industries from beverage companies to event rental firms across the country.

As sustainable materials like glass are popular over single-use plastics, analysts predict steady growth in the coming years. Some estimates predict that by 2027, the U.S. wholesale glassware and tabletop goods market will be over $9 billion.

Several key facts and figures about the U.S. wholesale glass cups market:

  • Over 7.3 billion units of glassware and tabletop items shipped in the United States in 2022 alone. Glass cups and tumblers account for a sizable portion.
  • California, Ohio, and New Jersey are the top 3 states shipping the highest volume of glass cups and glassware.
  • Over 65% of demand comes from the food services and drinking places industry. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses account for most wholesale glassware orders.
  • As social events rebound post-pandemic, the highest demand growth is expected among event rental and catering services firms.

The ongoing growth and size of this market signify ample opportunities for wholesale glass cups suppliers as well as buyers from booming hospitality and event industries.

Key Factors Buyers Consider With Wholesale Glass Cups Suppliers

When searching for the right wholesale glass cups supplier for your business, keep the following buyer considerations in mind:

Product Range and Customization Capabilities

Carefully examine the product catalog and customization capabilities on offer. Can the glass cup supplier meet your specific requirements? Do they carry glassware across styles, sizes, colors, and materials like soda lime or tempered glass cups to suit your needs? What about opportunities for private-label glass cups or custom etching and printing? Prioritize suppliers with diverse catalogs and bespoke customization services.

Order Minimums and Volume Discounts

Wholesale pricing comes with bulk orders. Review order minimums and be prepared to buy in quantity to secure the best glass cup pricing. Many top suppliers like Libbey and Anchor Hocking will apply generous volume discounts at certain thresholds, so factor these into your budgeting.

Lead Times and Shipping

Will the supplier’s production and fulfillment timelines align with your operating schedule? Are there quick-ship options for rush orders? What about freight terms and delivery fees? Choose a partner who balances order flexibility with prompt lead times.

Quality and Compliance Standards

Leading glass cup suppliers like Arc International and Bormioli Rocco back their products with rigorous quality assurance and international compliance certifications. Search for BPA-free, Prop 65 compliant, ASTM/IPC-compliant glassware made of durable, thermal shock-resistant soda-lime compositions. For added peace of mind with safety, confirm lead-free materials, microwave-safe usage, and thermal durability.

When comparing wholesale suppliers, you can find the best glass cup source for your restaurant, hotel, events company or other business.

Now let’s explore 10 of the top wholesale glassware and glass cups suppliers across America to consider for your needs.

Top 10 Wholesale Glass Cup Suppliers in the United States

1. PIELOCK Glassware


PIELOCK is a China-based manufacturer of custom glass food containers and glassware renowned globally. Their factory produces quality borosilicate glass jars, bowls, casseroles, baking dishes, and measuring cups to meet high-volume demands.


  • Extensive selection of glass food storage containers including stackable options
  • Custom branding and decoration solutions like screen printing and labeling
  • Globally recognized for quality and expertise
  • Affordable pricing with bulk order discounts

With over 10 years of experience, PIELOCK strikes an effective balance between price point, customization capabilities and manufacturing quality that makes them a go-to source for wholesale glass food storage ware and glassware orders.

2. Libbey Glassware

Since 1818, Libbey has been an iconic American glass tabletop staple. The brand supplies leading hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality firms with excellence in style, quality, and service.


  • Over 5,000 in-stock glass cup SKUs covering styles from coffee mugs to beer pilsners
  • Robust custom decoration options from color matching to etching
  • Strong wholesale glassware brand recognition
  • Made in USA options

With distribution to over 100 countries worldwide, Libbey makes an exceptional one-stop wholesale glass cup resource. Their range, decoration capabilities, and customer service excellence explain their market leader position.

3. The Oneida Group

the oneida group
The oneida group

Employing over 1,000 American workers, The Oneida Group delivers exceptional domestic glassware, drinkware, and tabletop solutions. Their Ohio, New York, and California plants allow prompt coast-to-coast distribution across North America.


  • Broad assortment from iced tea glasses to wine carafes
  • Custom packaging and decoration abilities
  • Lead-free, BPA-free, Prop 65-compliant materials
  • Climate-controlled warehousing

Between Oneida’s ethical initiatives, warehousing logistics, and decorated glassware expertise, they present wonderful wholesale opportunities to all industries.

4. Arc International Tableware

Arc international tableware
Arc international tableware

Regarding luxury, European-made glassware, and drinkware, Arc International is the gold standard. Their French crystal and Italian glass master artisans produce incredible glass cups and stemware destined for Michelin-rated venues.


  • Premium lead-free crystal and glassware options
  • Luxe decoration techniques from hand-painting to gold rims
  • Gorgeous packaging and gifting solutions
  • Made in France and Italy appeal

Arc’s ornate Old World craftsmanship epitomizes tailored luxury for high-end hotels, lounges, and hospitality. MOQ requirements are higher but also the stunning imagery for table tops.

5. Bormioli Rocco

Bormioli rocco
Bormioli rocco

In Italy, Bormioli Rocco’s history of glass craftsmanship spans decades. Their tempered soda lime and lead-free glass drinkware grace elite culinary destinations worldwide.


  • Over 4,000 catalog items from beer pilsners to wine stemware
  • Restaurant-grade durability and thermal shock resistance
  • Decoration, packaging, and warehousing capabilities
  • “Made in Italy” prestige

Bormioli Rocco makes a fantastic international glassware partner for exceptional modern aesthetics fused with Old-World techniques.

6. Govino Drinkware

Govino drinkware
Govino drinkware

For unbreakable functionality, Govino’s shatterproof plastic cupware answers the call. Their BPA-free plastic glass alternative brings convenience and customization to large events and outdoor functions.


  • Sturdy reusable plastic withstands drops and bumps
  • Custom wrap printing is available
  • Microwavable and 100% recyclable
  • Great for concerts, festivals, pools, patios and parks

Govino Drinkware proves plastic cups can still champion sustainability. Their process from production to recycling makes them a standout.

7. Tervis Insulated Drinkware

Tervis insulated drinkware
Tervis insulated drinkware

Tervis sets the standard for customizable insulated glassware. Available in myriad colors, sizes and lid types, restaurants, amusement parks, event venues, and promotional retailers prize Tervis for engraving logo drinkware people love.


  • Iconic co-branded insulation technology since 1946
  • Made-in-America quality construction
  • Wrap-around custom-printed designs
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

With best-in-class decoration abilities and retail partnerships, Tervis dominates branded insulated glassware.

8. Sweetheart Glassware

sweetheart glassware
Sweetheart glassware

Since 1979, Illinois’ Sweetheart Glass has specialized in American-made soda lime glass drinkware that is ideal for restaurants and catering services. Their quality craftsmanship stems from generations of glass-blowing expertise.


  • Glass cups, tumblers, stemware, mugs and carafes
  • Value-driven pricing with high-volume discounts
  • Decoration abilities like etching and screen printing
  • Made in the USA

For well-made mid-market glassware basics at a reasonable cost, Sweetheart hits the spot for wholesale drinking glass opportunities.

9. Glassnow

Glass now

Glassnow is an environmentally conscious wholesale glassware producer from Texas meeting hospitality demands through sustainable practices.


  • BPA-free, Prop 65, and FDA-compliant catalog
  • Glass bottles, drinkware, jars, pitchers and vases
  • Decoration and branding customization abilities
  • Green production methods

Eco-minded businesses seeking quality American glassware aligning with internal CSR goals will appreciate Glassnow’s offerings.

10. Quench Fine Wine Tools

quench fine wine tools
Quench fine wine tools

Philadelphia’s Quench Fine Wine Tools brings innovation to stemmed glassware. Their award-winning sommelier collections fuse beauty with unmatched aroma delivery.


  • Patented designs from renowned wine expert Anthony Dias Blue
  • Lead-free crystal and machine-blown glass options
  • Laser-cut, hand-polished rims
  • Bespoke hospitality glassware

Quench’s revolutionary shapes make tasting sublime for restaurants with extensive wine lists and white-glove service standards.

Key Buying Considerations for Wholesale Glass Cups

Once you’ve explored suppliers, keep the following priorities in mind when making your wholesale glass cups purchasing decision:

What’s Your Intended Use?

Determine if you require versatile all-purpose glass drinkware or specialty glassware for cocktails, beer, wine, or coffee. Items like wholesale shot glasses demand different features than stackable water glasses. Identify your ideal glass cup characteristics so suppliers can match accordingly.

What Order Volumes Do You Require?

Consider your operating requirements, storage space, and menu versatility when deciding optimal order volumes for wholesale pricing thresholds. Will you offer daily drink specials or signature cocktails necessitating varied glassware? Prepare inventory volumes for peak usage.

What Customization Is Important?

Decide if you want decoration, like etching venue names on beer glasses or printing logos on wholesale coffee mugs to reinforce branding. Seek glassware partners equipped to handle special requests.

How Quickly Do You Need Delivery?

Project your operating schedules including seasonality to determine necessary order lead times. Have backup options if natural disruptions like COVID slow overseas transport.

What Are Your Budget Parameters?

Weigh quantity discounts, customization fees, freight, and brand level to allocate your glassware investment appropriately within budgets. Determine any must-have factors or negotiable priorities.

By reflecting on those key considerations before purchasing wholesale glass drinkware, you can make informed, strategic choices for your unique requirements.

Take the Next Steps to Finding Wholesale Glass Cups

Wholesale glass cups offer versatile vessels to serve guests while showcasing your brand. As the U.S. food and hospitality segments drive glassware demand growth year after year, plenty of wholesale glass cup supplier opportunities exist to meet your specific needs.

Whether you operate a bustling local pub, swanky cocktail lounge, or sprawling resort and conference center, this guide outlines premier American suppliers equipped to fulfill your wholesale glassware orders consistently and carefully. Their production capacities, decoration abilities, and distribution expertise explain their market leadership.

Now better informed on navigating the wholesale glass cups supply sector, you can start requesting quotes with confidence you’ll find an ideal partner to fulfill your upcoming glassware order. Cheers to toasting success with glass cups perfectly suited for your business!

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