Top 10 Wholesale Glass Container Suppliers in the USA

Key Takeaways

  • PIELOCK and Kaufman Container offer wholesale glass containers without minimum order requirements, providing flexibility for small businesses.
  • Berlin Packaging and TricorBraun offer custom glass container designs and consultation services, catering to unique branding and packaging needs.
  • Fillmore Container and Burch Bottle & Packaging provide top-quality, food-grade glass containers with no minimum order requirement, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of businesses.
  • Anchor Glass Container Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass containers in the USA, offering a diverse product range and multiple manufacturing plants for efficient supply.



At PIELOCK, we have established ourselves as the clear leader in glass food storage solutions for businesses across the United States market.

With our central production facilities based in China, we enjoy significant cost advantages over domestic competitors while delivering fast shipping timelines to our U.S. clients.

Through our continued investment of over half a million dollars annually into the latest manufacturing technologies and with a dedicated team of more than 500 employees, we consistently produce high-quality, customized glassware that surpasses even the strictest industry certifications.

However, our unparalleled focus on customer service truly sets us apart. As the CEO, I ensure our representatives are available 24/7 to provide quotes, samples, and guidance throughout the new product development process.

It is no wonder that PIELOCK glass containers have become the brand of choice for major retailers and top American food brands nationwide. We take pride in our position as the leading glassware supplier in the U.S. market.

Kaufman Container


With over a century’s experience, Kaufman Container has cemented its reputation as a trusted supplier of glass containers in the United States, catering to many industries with its expansive range of packaging solutions.

  • National Supplier of Glass: A go-to source for quality glass bottle suppliers.
  • Wholesale Glass Jars: Versatile packaging products without minimum order requirements.

Customer-Focused: Kaufman Container’s approach ensures tailored packaging solutions.

Berlin Packaging


Berlin Packaging has emerged as an industry powerhouse, building on the legacy of suppliers like Kaufman Container. They offer an extensive ISO-certified range of services, covering everything from manufacturing to consultation.

Berlin Packaging excels at providing wholesale glass bottles and customized designs. They position themselves as a premier one-stop shop for innovative glass packaging solutions. For businesses seeking to master the nuanced world of packaging, Berlin Packaging’s expertise is invaluable.

Their integrated services and customization options make them a strategic partner for developing differentiated and effective product packaging.

Fillmore Container


Nestled in the heart of Lancaster, PA, Fillmore Container has been a trusted distributor of top-quality, food-grade glass containers and comprehensive packaging supplies since 1997.

Here’s why they stand out:

Vast Selection: Jars and bottles suited for diverse packaging needs.
No Minimums: Order what you need, large or small.
Customer-Centric: Adaptive services from a company that’s located to serve with precision.

The Cary Company

The Cary

As a leading supplier in the industry, The Cary Company provides an extensive array of glass bottle options catering to various sectors. They’re standout wholesale suppliers, known for a robust selection of glass containers that serve a myriad of packaging needs.

I’m impressed by their commitment to innovation and their deep understanding of industry trends, ensuring they offer the most advanced packaging options available.

Burch Bottle & Packaging


Continuing with the theme of top-tier suppliers, Burch Bottle & Packaging emerges as another prominent player in the wholesale glass container market in the USA, renowned for its expansive selection and customer-centric services.

Diverse Range: Burch Bottle caters to various industries with glass bottles and jars.

Food-Grade Assurance: Specializing in quality, affordable food-grade glass containers.

Accessibility: No minimum order requirement, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Yankee Containers


Delving into the diverse world of packaging, Yankee Containers stands out with its broad array of products, including an impressive selection of glass containers that cater to various industries.

As one of the top suppliers in the USA, they offer glass bottles at wholesale prices, fulfilling intricate packaging needs with expertise. Their comprehensive line ensures that businesses find the perfect fit for their product presentation and protection.



TricorBraun sets the benchmark for wholesale glass container supply in the USA, boasting an extensive range of sizes and shapes to meet the varied needs of industries from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals.

  • Variety: Bulk glass jars for every sector—beverage, food, personal care.
  • Design: Expert design services to create unique packaging solutions.
  • Leadership: Recognized as a leading packaging supplier, including cosmetic packaging.

Specialty Bottle

Specialty Bottle
Specialty Bottle

Shifting the focus to specialty bottles, this national supplier offers an eclectic mix of glass, plastic, and metal containers to meet the packaging demands of sectors ranging from food and health to beauty and natural products.
They’re a go-to for custom packaging solutions, notably in wholesale cosmetic and food-grade glass jars, cementing their reputation as one of the premier jar manufacturers for discerning businesses.

Anchor Glass Container Corporation


While Specialty Bottle caters to a diverse market with its custom packaging solutions, Anchor Glass Container Corporation stands out as a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass containers in the USA, boasting multiple manufacturing plants and a broad product range for various industries.

To truly appreciate their influence, consider these points:

  • Anchor’s prominence among glass bottle manufacturers is undeniable.
  • They excel in manufacturing glass bottles with precision.
  • Their glass container lineup is integral to leading packaging solutions.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Glass Containers

When I’m in the market for wholesale glass containers, I always pay close attention to the type and style of the containers to ensure they’re a perfect match for my products. It’s crucial to consider the material and glass composition for durability and suitability, especially when it involves food or sensitive substances.

Additionally, you must remember the size, volume, and minimum order quantities to effectively meet my business’s demands without overstocking or under-serving my customers.

Container Type and Style

Before diving into the vast array of wholesale glass containers in the USA, it’s crucial to consider the type and style that best aligns with your product’s needs and brand identity.

The selection includes:

  • Diverse Range: Evaluate the purpose—storage or display, and content—food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.
  • Unique Shapes: Choose from jars in various shapes, considering design and branding requirements.
  • Functionality: Assess closures and dispensing mechanisms for practicality.

Material and Glass Composition

Delving into the core of wholesale glass containers, the material and glass composition play pivotal roles in ensuring your products are housed in durable and appropriate packaging.

I’m focused on selecting quality glass with the best protection and presentation. Whether it’s borosilicate for heat resistance or flint for clarity, each glass bottle production process is tailored to the specific needs within the range of glass containers available.

Size and Dimensions

While selecting the right glass composition sets the foundation for quality packaging, I also prioritize the size and dimensions of wholesale glass containers to ensure they align with my product’s specific needs. Here’s what I keep in mind:

  • Intended use and capacity for a variety of packaging applications.
  • Dimensional consistency for a range of products, including diverse shapes and sizes.
  • Compatibility with closures and other packaging components.

Volume and Capacity

Understanding my products’ volume and capacity requirements is crucial when sourcing wholesale glass containers to ensure a perfect fit for my packaging needs.

I must evaluate bottles and glass jars for various applications, ensuring the production line can scale up as necessary.

Choosing suppliers with diverse glass bottle products allows for tailored solutions, satisfying specific demands within my product range.

Minimum Order Quantities

When considering the purchase of wholesale glass containers, it’s essential to consider the minimum order quantities set by suppliers, as these will impact your budget and inventory management.

  • Assess your storage capacity against the minimum order quantities to avoid overstocking.
  • Gauge your demand to determine if the minimum order quantities align with your sales projections.
  • Compare suppliers since minimum order quantities may vary, affecting your choice.

Branding and Customization Options

Having assessed the practicalities of minimum order quantities, it’s equally important to explore the branding and customization options that wholesale glass containers offer to make your products shine.

Suppliers that provide various customization services, like embossing and unique finishes, can elevate your product lines. Those specializing in tailored branding and customization options ensure your brand identity is cohesively reflected in your packaging.

Certifications and Approvals

As you delve into wholesale glass containers, you must check for certifications like FDA approval or ISO certification to ensure your containers meet stringent quality and safety standards.

  • Verify BPA-free and lead-free certifications for safe food packaging.
  • Look for sustainable manufacturing approvals like recycling or sustainable sourcing.
  • Ensure industry-specific certifications, such as for the pharmaceutical sector, are met by manufacturers in the United States.

Lead Time for Orders

Understanding the lead time for wholesale glass container orders is essential for effectively synchronizing your inventory with production demands. Before committing to a top glass bottle manufacturer, I investigate how order volume, customization, and company location might affect lead times.

It’s about mastering supply chain dynamics and ensuring my business avoids hiccups by aligning with the right wholesale partner’s timeline. Clear communication with suppliers is key.

Shipping and Delivery Methods

When selecting a wholesale glass container supplier, evaluating their shipping and delivery options is crucial to ensure your products arrive on time and intact. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Assess the shipping and delivery methods—opt for suppliers that balance speed and protection.
  • Examine their wide range of packaging solutions, prioritizing those that minimize breakage.
  • Check the supplier’s customer service for responsiveness to special delivery requests.

Customer Support

Customer support can make or break your purchasing experience.

I always assess suppliers’ responsiveness, including their ability to assist with product selection from an extensive range.

Ensuring they offer multiple communication channels and a clear policy for resolving issues is crucial.

I look for those who provide glass container support that reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Price and Additional Fees

After evaluating the customer support of suppliers, it’s equally important to scrutinize the total cost, factoring in not just the price of the glass containers but also any shipping fees, taxes, and additional charges that may apply.

  • Investigate minimum order quantities and restocking fees from glass bottle manufacturers.
  • Seek out bulk purchase discounts or long-term contracts.
  • Consider import/export tariffs and currency exchange impacts on packaging costs.

How to Find the Right Supplier

Finding the right supplier for wholesale glass containers is essential for my business’s success. I start by scouring online sources and reading reviews to gauge the reputation of potential suppliers.

Next, I’ll ask for product samples to assess quality and request quotes to compare pricing and services from multiple options.

Research Online Sources and Reviews

To ensure you choose a reputable wholesale glass container supplier, delving into online sources and reviews can provide crucial insights into a company’s track record. Here’s what to focus on:

  • Scrutinize customer reviews for honest feedback on quality and service.
  • Investigate suppliers of glass bottles with comprehensive product lines.
  • Compare glass bottle manufacturers based on online sources, highlighting their market presence and reliability.

Ask for Product Samples

Requesting product samples is a critical step in evaluating the quality and compatibility of wholesale glass containers for your business needs. It’s essential to ensure the containers meet my custom, eco-friendly, and affordable criteria, especially when selecting packaging for cosmetics.

I always ask for samples to touch, feel, and test—confirming that the product aligns with my brand’s values and customers’ expectations.

Consider Locations and Warehouses

Evaluating the geographical proximity of wholesale glass container suppliers is crucial for optimizing logistics and minimizing shipping costs in your business operations. Here’s what I consider:

  • Warehouse capabilities and their ability to meet inventory demands.
  • Transport infrastructure for timely delivery from the supplier.
  • Supplier’s network to ensure coverage for potential expansion.

Choosing among the top 10 in the USA, locations, and warehouses is pivotal for mastering wholesale glass container sourcing.

Request Quote or Contact Supplier Directly

Navigating the diverse landscape of wholesale glass container suppliers becomes more tangible once you initiate direct contact to request a quote tailored to your specific needs.

This engagement is crucial in determining whether a glass bottle manufacturer or factory meets my demands.

Compare Multiple Options

To find the right wholesale glass container supplier, comparing the variety, volume, and uniqueness of products from different sources is essential, ensuring they align with my specific business needs.

Here’s how I proceed:

  • Identify leading suppliers offering a wide range of products, including glass and plastic bottles.
  • Assess their expertise in flexible packaging solutions, especially for the cosmetic industry.
  • Evaluate customization options, ensuring a perfect fit for my product line.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal

As I navigate the world of wholesale glass containers, I’ve learned a few strategies to ensure I’m getting the best bang for my buck.

I’ll share how buying in bulk, negotiating for larger orders, choosing the right payment methods, and partnering with local distributors can lead to significant savings.

Understanding these points can make a considerable difference in managing costs without compromising quality.

Buy in Bulk for Volume Discounts

Buying in bulk often unlocks significant volume discounts that can lead to substantial savings when looking to stock up on glass containers. Here’s how to master the art of bulk buying:

  • Engage with suppliers about larger orders to tap into better pricing.
  • Leverage the higher quantities for negotiating improved terms.
  • Utilize these discounts to minimize costs and maximize your budget efficiency in the USA packaging products market.

Negotiate Pricing for Large Orders

Negotiating the best deal for large orders of glass containers requires a keen understanding of market trends and a solid relationship with your supplier.

Building rapport and discussing long-term partnerships can further improve terms.

Customization options might affect costs, so I factor these in to ensure the pricing reflects the true value of my large orders.

Pay by Optimal Payment Methods

Having established the importance of negotiating for bulk purchases, it’s equally crucial to consider the impact of payment methods on the overall cost of wholesale glass containers.

  • Utilize bank transfers or ACH to reduce transaction fees with bottle manufacturers.
  • Negotiate discounts for preferred payment methods when buying glass bottles.
  • Inquire about incentives for specific payment options when purchasing containers from wholesale glass container suppliers.

Work with Local Distributors When Possible

Partnering with local distributors can often secure more favorable deals, thanks to lower shipping costs and the possibility of forging direct manufacturer relationships. Focusing on local wholesale glass container distributors gives me insights into personal care and food and beverage market trends.

This fosters exclusive offers and superior service, enhancing my mastery over procurement strategies and boosting my contribution to the local economy.

Partner with PIELOCK for Glass Food Storage Solutions that Sell

As the leading glass container manufacturer for the American market, we invite you to contact our sales representatives today to discuss how PIELOCK’s premium, customizable glassware can boost profits for your brand. Our proven track record of success with major companies demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality products and exceptional customer service that will help grow your business.


In conclusion, this article has provided an overview of the top wholesale glass container suppliers in the United States. By understanding key factors like product selection, pricing, minimums, and customer service, businesses can feel empowered to find the perfect match for their packaging needs. Choosing a reputable supplier is important, and this discussion has highlighted some of the best options available. Any company can maximize its brand presence with the right partner through innovative and high-quality glass containers.

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