What are the advantages of high borosilicate glass food storage containers ?

If you take a look at kitchen photos in interior design magazines, you’ll always notice beautiful, sophisticated and shapely glass jars for storage purposes.

high borosilicate glass food storage containers have become a staple through the years. The material’s quality and durability are unparalleled. But how exactly are they created and are all glass containers the same? That’s what we’re about to find out today. We will take a deep dive into the world of the glass jar and container manufacturing, understanding the differences between materials and production practices. Let’s get started!

What Material Are Glass Storage Containers Made of?

Glass is a very generic term that could apply to various kinds of materials. Some of the most common types of glass for storage containers include the following:

  1. Untreated glass: this is the most affordable material on the market, hence it’s suitable for making basic glass jars for storage. Untreated glass is also known as soda-lime glass (silica glass). Many types of jars, bottles and food storage items are crafted from it because it’s very affordable. In fact, statistics suggest that about 90 percent of manufactured glass is soda-lime glass. The problem with untreated glass is that its thermal resistance is low and it cannot be used for containers that are heated in the oven or microwave. Soda-lime glass is also the least hard variety on the market.
  2. Tempered glass: it’s possible for standard soda-lime glass to go through a tempering process. It increases the hardiness of the material by boosting its thermal resistance. Tempered glass is fairly smooth and scratch-resistant (up to five times stronger than regular untreated glass). Tempered glass is also an affordable option. On the downside, it can break into irregular shapes and it has a limited scope of applications.
  3. Borosilicate glass: the “Rolls-Royce” of glass materials, borosilicate glass has the widest scope of applications and it can result in some premium items. High borosilicate glassware manufacturers rely on this material to create thermally-resistant glass food containers and storage items. Borosilicate glass can be heated and cooled down without experiencing any damage. It is also chip-resistant and shatterproof, making it exceptionally safe. Because of these amazing characteristics, borosilicate glass is used for the making of laboratory containers that are often exposed to harsh conditions. The sturdiest variety of this material is high borosilicate glass that is comprised of boron (anywhere between 12.5 and 13.5 percent of the composition) and silicon (about 78 to 80 percent). The strain temperature difference of this type of glass is 600 degrees Celsius.

So, imagine the following scenario – you go to a store and you get a set of beautiful jars. They’re delicate, they feature some stained glass and are perfectly Instagrammable.

When you go home, you pour some hot soup in them. Magically, the jars start to crack. If this has ever happened, you can rest assured that you’ve acquired jars made of regular soda-lime glass.

While these are cheap and they look really good, regular glass items aren’t the best and safest choice. In other words, just buying glass doesn’t guarantee you quality. You have to seek out high quality glass, preferably borosilicate. There are several characteristics setting it apart and making it the optimal choice.

Safety and Advantages of High Borosilicate Glass Containers

A glass jar for storage needs to be smooth, easy to use and functional, doesn’t it? So why should you opt for a material like borosilicate glass over a more affordable option?

There are many reasons why borosilicate glass containers for storage have gained so much popularity through the years. One of the most important reasons is this – they offer one of the best returns on investment due to their toughness and longevity.

Various other advantages make borosilicate glass such a desirable choice. Here are the top ones:

  1. Safety: borosilicate is incredibly safe. It is shatterproof and it can withstand sudden temperature changes. Max Working temperature:600℃- Min Working temperature-40℃ On top of that, the material is completely non-toxic. This characteristic turns it into an optimal choice for safe food storage. High borosilicate glass is in fact so safe that it’s recommended for the manufacturing of baby bottles.
  2. Easy to Clean: If you have borosilicate glass containers for storage, it is important to note that they are dishwasher safe. You will not need any special equipment to clean your glassware made of borosilicate glass.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Borosilicate glass has excellent corrosion resistance capabilities. As such, your glassware will retain its beauty for a very long period of time.
  4. Clarity: since it is stain-proof, borosilicate glass ensures a high level of optical clarity. Having clear containers is very important for the storage of food and ingredients. Some other types of glass can lose a bit of their transparency when glazing and tempering occur. This isn’t the case for borosilicate glass.
  5. Microwave and dishwasher-safe: when making cookware and storage container choices, many consumers are looking for convenience. That convenience often comes in the form of using the item in the microwave and cleaning it in the dishwasher. The good news is that borosilicate glass can be microwaved and cleaned in a dishwasher without any risk of breakage or material deterioration.
  6. Durability: this is the characteristic that makes borosilicate glass so sought after. With a bit of proper care, it can remain unchanged for decades. While saying that borosilicate glass is eternal is a bit of an over-exaggeration, it can serve several generations without changing its properties or strength.
  7. Affordability: Compared to other materials that have similar toughness and properties, borosilicate glass is quite affordable. It also ensures an excellent price to quality ratio.
  8. Versatile: the material provides a ton of flexibility. It can be used for the creation of a wide range of kitchen items, cookware products, jars, containers and bowls. It’s so versatile that it’s even being used in scientific labs, construction and engineering.
  9. Compact Size and Design: Compared to other materials, borosilicate glass is compact in terms of design and size. This makes it easier to package, ship, and deliver the products.
  10. Reusable: These elegant reusable glass food storage containers are a must-have tool for healthy meal planning and eating. Their perfect size will help you keep your portions under control and will fit into any meal prep or lunch bag.

The Borosilicate Glass Container Manufacturing Steps

The Borosilicate Glass Container Manufacturing Steps

Each kind of glass mentioned above has its scope of applications. Regular untreated glass is perfect for the manufacturing of affordable items like glass storage containers and bottles. Borosilicate glass, on the other hand, is the optimal material for cookware and very durable kitchen containers. With a bit of proper care, these can last more than a lifetime.

So, how are the different kinds of glass food containers crafted? What steps does the material have to go through in order to turn into beautiful, functional kitchen items?

The journey of glassware is fairly intricate and long. Depending on the type of glass being used, there are some important differences.

Since we are a high borosilicate glassware manufacturer, today we’ll take a look at how such glass jars for storage and containers are crafted.

Step 1: Product Design and Development

Our glassware manufacturing journey begins with the conceptualization of the product that we’d like to produce.

Through the years, many shapes, sizes and product specifications have been developed to address the needs of different clients. Upon necessity, however, custom creations will also be designed. These are very niche items that satisfy specific needs going beyond mass manufacturing.

Product sketches and visualizations are created to give the client a good idea about what the final outcome is going to look like. Once the client approves the concept, the actual glassware manufacturing can begin.

Step 2: Sample Manufacturing

Each new concept has to be tested before mass manufacture commences, doesn’t it?

This is why reputable high borosilicate glassware manufacturers create individual samples to visualize new designs. Once again, the client has to examine the creation and provide their approval before the entire order can be produced.

Step 3: Raw Material Sourcing and Importation

The quality of high borosilicate glass is heavily dependent on the raw materials used in its production. This is why sourcing the right supplies is one of the most important first steps. Silica, borax and other raw materials have to be mixed at exactly the right proportion to give the borosilicate glass its toughness and temperature resistance. Each manufacturer has their distinctive formula, which results in particular quality and distinctive product characteristics.

Step 4: Making the Glass

Materials are melted at the incredible temperature of 1,600 degrees Celsius to create the borosilicate glass. An automatic feeding system and liquid surface control are both utilized to ensure precision. These quality control steps also guarantee the stability of melting and clarification.

When the molten glass is done, it gets fed into various machines and molds to make round glass food storage containers, cookware, jars, glasses bowls and so many others!

Final Verdict

Borosilicate glass food containers go through a fascinating journey before reaching the end consumer’s kitchen.

This journey gives them toughness and durability that other glass items simply don’t have.

You’ve also found out that each high borosilicate glassware manufacturer has their secrets and “recipes.” Quality depends on the right composition, the use of the right machinery and quality control.

If you’re looking for exceptional high borosilicate glass containers, do research manufacturers in advance. Make sure such companies have the right kind of ISO certification (and other types of quality licenses), the right facilities, and partnerships for the sourcing of high quality materials.

At Shandong Zibo Shenglongyuan Import Export Co., Ltd we believe in innovation and precision. Through the years, we have invested continually in improving our processes and ensuring the flawlessness of our products. Don’t hesitate to learn more about what we do by contacting the team.

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