Is High Borosilicate Glass Safe for Babies? Why parents should choose?

Are you also one of them who has a tough time finding a chemical-free bottle for their child?

I’m sure you’re.

Well, most plastic bottles and sippy cups contain some sort of toxic agent in their composition. More than $3.2 billion baby bottles are being manufactured and the size is expected to increase further by 2024.

Hence, you should look for an alternative that is chemical-free and does not risk the health of your baby. For this, nothing is better than borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass is chemical resistant and does not contain any impurities. But, is it safe to use for babies?

Let’s have a look at it in more detail below.

Why Use High Borosilicate Glass for Your Baby?

Well, it’s not an easy task to remove the habit of plastic bottles and replace them with glass. Because babies develop a special attraction to their things that it becomes very frustrating for parents to turn those things down.

However, with gradual steps, you can do it. Because the safety of your child should be the first priority when selecting a material for him. And high borosilicate glass is a superior replacement option for toxic plastic cups.

Enlisted below are some reasons why you should use borosilicate glass instead of plastic bottles for your baby:

● Borosilicate is a high-quality glass that resists sudden changes in heat and temperature and protects from damage.

● It protects from thermal shock.

● It is highly stronger and durable enough to save from bumps and jerks.

● It keeps the baby’s drinks fresh and does not change the color and odor of the material.

● It is easy to assemble and wash.

Hence, with these unique properties, high borosilicate glass is a superior option for your baby instead of plastic ones.

Which Borosilicate Glass Products are Safe for Use on Babies?

As borosilicate glass offers the best protection to your baby, experts recommend using it as a drinking bottle. Different kinds of products are also available in the market to solve the irritation of the parents.

Let’s discuss some of the top-rated high borosilicate glass products that we’ve in stock for you.

1- High Borosilicate glass mini container

This one in all convenient glass storage is specially made of borosilicate glass. The glass is durable enough to prevent thermal shock resistance.

Mini Glass Food Container Square Shape for Baby

This tot glass baby block is easy to use and comes with a snap lid that prevents leakage. Whether you’re outside or in the house, your baby will get the fresh liquid without any impurity and dust.

Best of all, this baby glass has the capacity to store and heat the meals conveniently without any need to deal with the defrosting step. Its unique antifreeze property allows the baby food to go directly from the freezer to the oven.

Hence, baby borosilicate antifreeze glass is the best option for your infant with high storage containers and extra food capacity.

2- Locnklock Baby Food Container

For mothers who are looking for a marked glass bottle, locknlock is the one. Likewise, with our other products, this baby food container has an exceptional feature of readings.

These marked readings help you estimate the right meal portion for your infant. This food container is perfect and safe as it stores the meal in the freezer and refrigerator.

As of other top-rated products, this one is the best to keep your baby’s food warm and fresh.

3- Clip and Close Glass

Made with German led technology, this is a set of glass storage containers that are specially made for babies. It provides a fresh look to the baby’s meal and is highly safe to use.

Different types of materials ensure the durability and reliability of this product. Some of them are:

● Borosilicate glass

● Thermoplastic elastomer

● Polypropylene

Moreover, this heat-resistant glass can withstand a high external temperature of even 400degree and is also safely used in air fryers and ovens.

These baby food containers come with measurement marks that allow you to keep the food in a measured weight and also in a straight position. Not only this, there is a steam hole at the top of the lid.

This steam hole adds to the unique design and innovative features of the borosilicate food glass container.

The Baby Borosilicate Products We Offer

With all the necessary prerequisites and verifications, we have come up with high-quality products for your ease. Our product list is toxic free and is highly safe to use for your baby.

With 20 years of research and a foothold in the China market, we have become the best suppliers for many well-known multinational companies.

Our products have the following unique characteristics:

●Excellent design

●Good quality

●Competitive prices

●Punctual delivery on time

Moreover, the borosilicate glass we manufacture, are free from any toxic agents and provides a good solution to your infant problems. These products are traded worldwide.

PieLock Glass Food Container

One of the best mini food jars to use for your baby is the PieLock glass jar. The composition of the borosilicate glass has made this container thicker and stronger to use daily.

In our list of high-quality products, this food jar contains an extra feature of a silicon lid. The lid is mixed with silica sand and other raw materials to satisfy the technical requirements of the product.

As far the functionality of this mini jar is concerned, it works best with a ton of flexibility and toughness. So, you should choose it according to your baby’s food demands.


Now, deciding the best borosilicate glass bottle should not be a tough job for you. Because I’ve enlisted the top-rated ones for your convenience.

No doubt, it’s a Little expensive but you’ll get 100% satisfaction from the features and design of these glass bottles.

Furthermore, all our products are safe to use for babies and prevent the baby’s milk from combining with the environmental air.

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