How much do you know about high borosilicate glass food storage containers?

What is high borosilicate glass? Are there different grades of borosilicate glass?

High borosilicate glass is a kind of glass with strong refractory performance, which is an important material for manufacturing high-durability glass containers and belongs to food-grade glass. Most of glass food container manufacturers use high borosilicate glass to make high-grade glass food storage for the kitchen, which is popular in the market.

High borosilicate glass can be divided into two types: high borosilicate glass and low borosilicate glass, among them, the most frequently used and the best in the food storage containers is high borosilicate glass.

Compared with ordinary glass, high borosilicate glass contains more boron trioxide and silicon dioxide than ordinary glass, and the boron content can even reach 14% and the silicon content can reach 80%. The silicon content of ordinary glass is about 70% (ordinary glass generally does not add boron, but sometimes up to 1%), and high borosilicate glass is no toxic and can use in food storage because of its mechanical properties, thermal stability, water resistance, alkali resistance and acid resistance, etc.

 borosilicate glass
borosilicate glass

Benefits of borosilicate glass food containers

1.  Safety and no toxic

Borosilicate glass is safe for food storage because of its high temperature resistance and BPA free, so borosilicate glass storage containers be heated in the microwave or oven without decomposing harmful substances like lead.

2. Easy to clean

Borosilicate glass containers is easy to clean with a smooth surface, it is important to note that they are dishwasher safe. You will not need any special equipment to clean your glassware made of borosilicate glass.

3. Corrosion Resistance

Borosilicate glass has excellent corrosion resistance capabilities, as such, your glassware will retain its beauty for a very long period of time.

4. High transparency

Since it is stain-proof, borosilicate glass ensures a high level of optical clarity. Some other types of glass can lose a bit of their transparency when glazing and tempering occur, which is not happen in borosilicate glass.

5. Microwave and dishwasher-safe:

when making cookware and storage container choices, many consumers are looking for convenience. That convenience often comes in the form of using the item in the microwave and cleaning it in the dishwasher. The good news is that borosilicate glass can be microwaved and cleaned in a dishwasher without any risk of breakage or material deterioration.

6. Durability

high borosilicate glass have high strength and high hardness, it will not break easily when dropped.

7. Versatile

The material provides a ton of flexibility. borosilicate containers can be used for the creation of a wide range of kitchen items, glass lunch box, borosilicate glass jars, borosilicate glass bottles and borosilicate glass bowls etc.

8. Convenience and save space

Compared to other materials, borosilicate glass is compact in terms of design and size that can save more space. Also it more easier to package, ship, and delivery.

9. Better sealing

Borosilicate glass food container has a good sealing and can storage in fridge/freezer safe that keep food fresh longer.

10. Eco friendly

Glass food storage containers are recyclable, durable and healthy no white garbage pollution and good for the environment.

How can you tell if the glass is borosilicate?

1. Put your glass container in the refrigerator after 24 hours, and pour it with hot water of 100 degrees. If the glass container bursts, it is definitely not high borosilicate glass.

2. High borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient is 3.8*10-6 K, boro ≥ 14%), the borosilicate glass can be used in oven, microwave oven, freezer, dishwasher. The high temperature of this glass is 580°C. This means that the borosilicate glass container can be put in the oven and heated to 580°C. Thermal shock is 120°C. Thermal shock is a sudden change in temperature. We usually do the test as follows:

Heat a borosilicate glass container (without lid) to 140 °C in an oven and place in the oven for 30 minutes, then immediately place the glass container in water (20 °C). High borosilicate glass containers will not break.

Plastic vs glass? Which is better? how to choose?

Food storage is already a common requirement in the kitchen scene.

For food storage containers, we focus on several important aspects such as food preservation, air tightness, health and environmental protection. The most popular food storage containers that can be seen everywhere in the supermarket are divided into two categories: glass food container and plastic food container. But how do we choose from them is also a matter of concern

Below we summarize the advantage and dis advantages of glass and plastic food container which can help you to make decision.

Item Mian materialAdvantagesDisadvantage
Plastic PP、PS、ABSLightweight and easy to carry;
Good sealing;
Can be heated in microwave
Cheap Price
Easy to scratch
Plastic food containers are prone to precipitation of toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures;
It is more difficult to clean when there is a lot of oil (more common in poor quality or badly worn plastic lunch boxes);
light-colored plastic food containers may be at risk of staining
glassBorosilicateBPA free Stable chemical properties
High temperature resistance, high strength and high hardness,corrosion resistance.Recyclable, durable and healthy no white garbage pollution.Does not contain chemicals High transparency High transmittance Smooth surface and easy to clean strong adaptability to temperature changes, not easy to burst
Higher price
Heavier than plastic
summarize the advantage and dis advantages of glass and plastic food container

In view of the above analysis, it is easy to see the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and glass food storage containers. Based on a certain price and health needs, we recommend choosing high borosilicate glass container made by brand like PIELOCK,PYGLASS , a professional glass food containers factory over 20 years R&D experience in China. This is also the most basic health guarantee for the healthy diet of you and your family.

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